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Personal and Auto Injury Chiropractor

Dr DiNardo giving report of findingsInjuries to the neck caused by the sudden movement of the head, backward, forward or sideways, is referred to as “whiplash.” Whiplash is most commonly received from riding in a car that is struck from behind, or that hits another object. When the head is suddenly jerked back and forth beyond its normal limits, the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine and head can be overstretched or torn.

Your Car May Be Okay, But Are You?

The soft, pulpy discs between spinal bones can bulge, tear or rupture. Vertebrae can be forced out of their normal position, reducing range of motion. The spinal cord and nerve roots in the neck can get stretched and irritated. While the occupants can suffer considerable soft tissue injury, the car may be only slightly damaged. As the body attempts to adapt, symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months later.

The subsequent instability of the spine and soft tissues can result in the following:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands
  • Reduced ability to turn and bend
  • Low back problems
  • Postural issues

How Chiropractic Can Help

Man with neck painThe chiropractic approach to these types of injuries is to use specific chiropractic adjustments to help return spinal function and decrease pain. After a thorough case history and examination, your chiropractor will recommend a series of visits to help restore proper motion and position of spinal bones. If caught early enough, inflammation can be reduced, and scar tissue can often be minimized.

Consult Compass Family Chiropractic before enduring constant headaches, depending upon addictive pain medication that often has dangerous side effects, or submitting to surgery.


Is there anything I should bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring your photo ID, your car insurance information as well as the information of the other party involved, your claim number, your adjuster’s name and phone number (if you already have one), and any other pertinent information regarding the accident.

How long can I expect to be in the office for the initial appointment?

We do a thorough evaluation to understand the severity of trauma caused by the accident, so please plan on at least one hour for your first visit.

Do you take X-rays or MRIs on-site?

We have an onsite digital x-ray suite, so we can take x-rays the same day as your initial appointment.

How long does it take to recover from an auto accident?

Every person and case is different. Recovery depends on several factors, but we do frequent re-examinations to ensure that we are making the progress we expect to see. Average sprain/strain injuries sustained from accidents take 4-12 weeks.

Do you work with attorneys?


Want to Learn More?

If you’ve been in an auto accident, it’s vital that you seek care as soon as possible. We want to help restore your health and get you back to your pre-accident status so you can return to living your best life. Contact Compass Family Chiropractic today!

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