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Is Chiropractic safe and effective for pregnant women?

Is Chiropractic safe and effective for pregnant women?

The short answer: Yes, if performed by a trained pregnancy chiropractor.

Our team here at Compass Family Chiropractic has done a lot of research into this field. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the evidence based research on chiropractic care and pregnancy. Pistolese cites a study conducted of 112 ICPA members and their experience regarding the Webster Technique in resolving intrauterine constraint and breech fetal positions. 102 of the 112 surveys (92%) that were returned for the study reported a resolution of breeched fetal position. This study suggests that the Webster Technique can contribute to the overall health care of pregnant patients.

Alcantara, Ohm and Kunz cite a study composed of 24 chiropractors and 81 pregnant women under chiropractic care. The average age of the patients was 32.4 years. 70% of the patients with abnormal fetal pregnancies reported a correction to the vertex position suggesting that women with abnormal fetal positions may derive benefits from chiropractic care using the Webster Technique.

Alcantara and colleagues report on a case series of five females with pregnancy related musculoskeletal complaints and breech fetal positions. Each patient was adjusted using the Webster Technique, and each patient reported favorable changes in fetal position while undergoing chiropractic care during their pregnancies.

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way of removing subluxations and consequently allowing pregnant women and their babies a happier and healthier pregnancy and delivery. Contact us today to learn more.

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    • Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Jen have been absolutely amazing! I worked with both of them during my pregnancy and I feel it truly helped me have an easy and fast delivery with my second child. They have been fantastic and I have already continued my sessions with them even after pregnancy.
      - Hannah Frank
    • I started getting adjusted at 12 weeks pregnant and continued throughout my pregnancy. To say it was a game changer is an understatement. I felt so good my entire pregnancy and I’d say that’s because of the care at Compass. My baby girl is 3 months and has been getting adjusted since 4 weeks old. We love Compass!!
      - Ashlyn Greco
    • I stay away from having to go through the “doctor’s office “ experience. This practice is THE OPPOSITE of going to the doctor. It’s like going to a spa for your back and discovering they are friends to your over all health too . I left SMILING and so relieved.
      - Lisa Torres
    • Compass Family Chiropractic is exactly as advertised, a chiropractor’s office that helps you eliminate the distance between pain and enjoying a fun filled family/work life balance. I suffer from chronic pain in my entire spine, with each visit/adjustment I have leaves me feeling reinvigorated and ready to reach new heights with a pain free life.
      - Andre Heath
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